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Writer misconstrues groups' relationships
August 28, 2000
A recent letter from George Makrauer completely missed the mark.

His characterization of the working relationships between the American Plastics Council and the American Chemistry Council, and APC and the Society of the Plastics Industry Inc., is obviously based on bad information, and in no way describes how all these groups are serving the plastic industry.

APC has indeed undergone significant changes during the past two years. APC's members have created an effective, full-service trade association that not only helps manage issues for all types of plastic, but also provides a cooperative umbrella for nine different resin-specific business units and trade association members and their customers. An integral element of that change is greater cooperation among the related industry trade groups, both upstream and downstream.

Never before has there been greater coordination and cooperation among the trade groups involving organizations ranging from the suppliers to the end users of plastics. Clearly, APC's and ACC's staffs and issues-management capabilities complement one another.

APC has not been "subsumed" by ACC, and it clearly has retained our plastics focus and identity. That's the way our respective members want it.

George's willful repetition of untruths is harmful to all of the industry groups. At no time have the members of APC ever had any desire to "eliminate" SPI. In fact, I agree with George's characterization that SPI does appear to be going through a real restoration and reinvention under Don Duncan. APC members welcome and applaud these efforts of SPI's leadership.

It is unfortunate that George did not check directly with the principals involved, rather than paying attention to those still living with past preconceptions. His divisiveness serves no constructive purpose. The plastics industry trade associations are much stronger today than ever before. For our industry and our customers, the changes are very positive and will help our industry continue to grow globally in a free-market environment.

Ronald Yocum
American Plastics Council
Arlington, Va.

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