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June 26, 2000

Reader's recycling revelation is all wet

Walt Brobuk, there you go again!
(PN, Page 9, May 29 Mailbag "Deposit law combats throwaway mentality").

You wistfully announced approaching the "silver years" of life and then befuddledly wailed about having "hurt the very space I live in on this planet" by being a contributing member of the plastics industry.

Give us a break and get yourself a life! At your self-proclaimed point in existence, what should be most evident to you is that the most precious commodity is time. Plastics have done more to save time for humanity than any other material.

Whether in packaging, consumer products, industrial design, construction or medicine, plastics have shortened design, production, installation and maintenance times, extended product lifetimes and reduced the waste of time through the entire product life cycle, including disposal. None of these benefits had a damn thing to do with recycling or bottle bills.

'Scuse me, but did you really say: "Business is more interested in profit than responsibility for its products and their impact on society"?

How about counting up the billions of dollars the plastics industry has spent internationally over just the last 15 years in product stewardship with a major effort to include recycling of all types?

In the silver years of life, are you still toiling every day to make ends meet? Or, are you enjoying some pleasant and relaxing times with those you care about, supported by the retirement income you get from your pension, your 401(k) and your other investments? Tell us, Walt, does that income flow from corporate profitability or from recycling and bottle taxes?

You asked, "Do I sound harsh?"

No, Walt, you don't sound harsh. You sound terminally confused.

George A. Makrauer
ComAd Group Inc.
Treasure Island, Fla.

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