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Selected Articles, News, Letters to Editor and Op-Eds
by, about and criticizing George Makrauer

"Miscarriage of justice ends..." when murderer of packaging industry husband and wife is executed... 39 years, 5 months and 24 days after he shot and killed them both. PlasticsNews, January 14, 2014
"Changing paradigm might aid bag battle." PlasticsNews, October 3, 2005 (but they did)
"ACC should NOT shift funds from plastics." PlasticsNews, October 3, 2005 (but they did)

"’Buy recycled’ lacks science and sincerity" Plastics News, August 27, 2004

George Makrauer - Treasure Island Political Boat Rocker moving to Celebration, Florida

"Rocker of Boats to Leave Treasure Island"
(St. Petersburg Times - September 3, 2003)



"Writer misconstrues groups' relationship" by Ronald Yocum, CEO, American Plastics Council. PlasticsNews August 28, 2000. Letter to Editor.

"APC, ACC getting too close for comfort?" PlasticsNews August 14, 2000. Letter to Editor.

"Reader's recycling revelation all wet" PlasticsNews June 26, 2000. Letter to Editor.

"Bag recycling opinion off-key" PlasticsNews March 27, 2000. Letter to Editor.

"Should SPI really stay in D.C.?" PlasticsNews November 1, 1999. Letter to Editor.

"SPI chief should have plastic heart" PlasticsNews October 4, 1999. Letter to Editor.

"Marketplace proves reality of recycling" PlasticsNews August 30, 1999. Letter to Editor.

"NRDC Reply to "Marketplace proves reality of recycling" PlasticsNews August 30, 1999. Letter to Editor.

"Dues proposal should remain in the past" PlasticsNews August 9, 1999. Letter to Editor.

"Vinyl industry needs to adopt aggressive attitude to survive" PlasticsNews June 14, 1999. Letter to Editor.

"APC detoured by self-interest" PlasticsNews March 22, 1999. Letter to Editor.

"Some factors offset recycling concerns; PlasticsNews doesn't get it, again." PlasticsNews October 5, 1998. Letter to Editor.

"Voinovich recognizes Makrauer for OTNET" PlasticsNews June 22, 1998. Letter to Editor.

"CFECA should join SPI-PBA alliance" PlasticsNews June 15, 1998. Letter to Editor.

"Breaking down Greenpeace scam" PlasticsNews June 1, 1998. Letter to Editor.

"Egos obscure endocrine debate" PlasticsNews April 13, 1998. Letter to Editor.

"Plastics image rides on guts and money" PlasticsNews March 1998. Letter to Editor.

"Recycling not vital to plastics' success" PlasticsNews November 7, 1997: Opinion.

"That can't be water-based ink; the quality's too good" Flexo Magazine March 1997: 104-105.

Item immediately above cited in Postgraduate Thesis by Yongqing Chen; Thesis Title: "Study quality characteristics of several different types of printing inks in halftone High Line"; Paper's name (foreign language [sic]): "An Investigation of Ink Properties in Fine Line Halftone Screen Print Quality"

"It's back to square one in search for city manager." Treasure Island Today January 2-8, 1997: 1 &4 Author Brian Goff "Among the residents who showed up at the (Commission) meeting, management consultant George Makrauer, a resident of Isle of Capri, expressed amazement that (the city manager applicant) would send a handwritten note. 'Particularly a man applying for a job which requires good communication,' he said."

"Notable Quotables..." St. Petersburg Times Community & Commerce section for January 1996 (sic) 1997: 12 George Makrauer's comments about benefits of membership in the St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce.

"Remember that HMOs don't exist in a vacuum." St. Petersburg Times December 24, 1996: Opinion 9A Re: Doctors' plan to start HMO is struggling.

"Don't curb communications." St. Petersburg Times December 6, 1996: Opinion 23A Re: Free calls over Net called unfair.

"PBA deserves some credit" PlasticsNews April 17, 1995. Letter to Editor.
Response, May 29, by Walter E. Cornell, PMI-Up and Running, New Haven, CT

"Makrauer's living on the air in Cincinnati" by Louis Chertkow, president of California Film Extruders and Converters Association. PlasticsNews May 8, 1995. Letter to Editor.

"Gripes about water-based inks outdated" PlasticsNews April 17, 1995. Letter to Editor.

"Consumer Packaging -- More graphics, substrates and challenges ahead for ink manufacturers." Ink World March/April 1995: 43-46 Author Any Teng. Environmental challenges to ink development for packaging.

"Avondale Town Center target for organizers"; 09/01/1994; The Cincinnati Post, METRO

"Fix the problem; don't hide it" PlasticsNews March 7, 1994. Letter to Editor. /p>

"Amko's foresight leads to long-term customer benefits." Cincinnati Business Courier February 7-13, 1994: 23 Author Cliff Peale. Pollution prevention activities and impact on customers.

"Companies choose waste prevention over cleanup." Greater Cincinnati Business Record January 17-23, 1994: 18 Author: Joseph Shields. Amko Plastics Inc.'s pollution prevention and role of George Makrauer.

"Changing APC affiliation a bad move." Plastics News February 21, 1994: 8 Editorial. "in fact, it was a processor, George Makrauer ... who planted the idea for what would become APC..."

"APC rethinks its involvement with SPI." PlasticsNews February 21, 1994: front page "George Makrauer ... who advanced the concept of APC to the group's first board chairman, warned that processors..."

"Flexo and Flexible Packaging." Flexo Magazine December 1993: 16-18.

"Making products, not pollution." The Columbus Dispatch August 15, 1993: D1 Author: Scott Powers. Subject: "Companies are volunteering to stop polluting the environment" discusses Amko Plastics Inc. and George Makrauer's work in pollution reduction.

Letter. "Terminology Questioned." Paper, Film & Foil Converter December 1992: 14.

"Makrauer on Cincinnati History Society Board suggested more systematic collection of business history records," MARGARET JOSTEN, 11/09/1992, The Cincinnati Enquirer

"Plastic Bags: A Flexographers Opportunity-An lndustry's Lightning Rod." Flexo Magazine April 1992:18-24 Page 8.

"Processor planted seed for founding PPP (American Plastics Council). "Plastics News. January 20, 1992: 3 "Lichtenberger has influence, but Makrauer had the idea."

"Polybags: A Bad Wrap?" Confetti July-Aug. 91: 52-54.

"Plastics Council Fights Degradable Bag War." Cincinnati Enquirer April 2, 1990:D-1 Author: Mike Boyer. Subject: George Makrauer and Degradable Plastics Council.

"The Plastic Bogeyman." Ohio Magazine March 1990: 23-25, 69 Author: Mark Shelton. Subject: George Makrauer and plastics industry issue management.

'Opinion' Column. Converting Magazine January 1990: 6.

"Perspective" Column. "Multiparty dialogue on plastics essential." Plastics News January 29, 1990: 9.

"Need Right Thrust on Environment." Paper, Film & Foil Converter December 1989: 6 Author: James R. Martin, Editor. Subject: George Makrauer's observations about industry's recognition of its own achievements.

'Perspective' Column. "Packaging award a poor industry precedent." Plastics News November 6, 1989: 9.

Letter. "Paper Stories Right." Plastics News August 14, 1989: 9.

Letter. "Naysayers Beware." Plastics News May 22, 1989





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