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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Region 5 Waste Minimization/P2 Conference; Successful Integrated Systems Approach to Waste Prevention; February 25-27, 1997; Chicago, Illinois.

University of Cincinnati College of Engineering; Pollution Prevention and Design for Environment; "Pollution Prevention Attitudes and Aptitudes"; June 28, 1995; Cincinnati, Ohio.

Ohio Senate Finance Committee; Roy Ray, Chairman; Hearing on HB 117; Representative speaker in behalf of OTNET funding; May 16, 1995; Columbus, Ohio.

Ohio Educational Broadcasting Awards; 1994-95 OEBIE Awards Judge; May 13, 1995; WVXU-FM, Cincinnati, OH

International Flexographic Technical Association; Fourth International Awards Competition; International Awards Judge; May 26, 1994; Düsseldorf, Germany.

Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce; Decision-Maker Luncheon, Manufacturers: Eco-Threat or Lifeblood of the Economy?"; May 5, 1994; Cincinnati, Ohio.

Miami University Sustainability Project; Lecture/seminar, "Pollution Prevention - Attitudes and Aptitudes"; April 20, 1994; Oxford, Ohio.

Pollution Prevention: Making It Work For Cincinnati; sponsored by the Ohio Environmental Council and Ohio EPA; presentation: "Pollution Prevention: How Amko Makes It Work In Cincinnati"; November 13,1993; University of Cincinnati.

The Health Care Dilemma; sponsored by Leadership Cincinnati Alumni Association; An Employer’s View of Problems and Solutions"; April 22, 1993; Cincinnati, Ohio

U.S./Japan BioPlastic Symposium; sponsored by U.S. Feed Grains Council; "BioPlastic Marketing in the U.S. Challenging History-Future Challenges"; November 11, 1992; Tokyo, Japan.

Institute for Advanced Manufacturing Sciences Pollution Prevention Workshop for Small Companies; sponsored by USEPA, Ohio EPA, Ohio Technology Transfer Organization, et al; "Pollution Prevention Pays"; July 16, 1992; Cincinnati, Ohio.

Flexographic Technical Association 1992 Annual Forum; Plastic Bag Session Presentation: "Plastic Bags-Lightening Rod for Attacks on a World of Flexographers"; April 26, 1992; Chicago, Illinois.

Flexographic Technical Association 1992 Annual Forum; Wide Web Presentation: Wide Web Opportunities Narrowed by Environmental Misinformation"; April 26, 1992; Chicago, Illinois.

Plastics Recycling Foundation, Board of Directors Meeting; Keynote Presentation: "A Processors Perspective on the Partnership for Plastics Progress (American Plastics Council)", February 19, 1992; Atlanta, Georgia.

California Film Extruders and Converters Association (CFECA) January 1991 Meeting; Presentation: Attacks on Plastic Packaging -Who, Where, Why and How to Address Them'; Jan. 22, 1991; City of Commerce, Cal.

ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) International Symposium on the Standardization of Degradable Plastics; Presentation: "The Degradable Plastics Council and Problems Versus Proposed Solutions"; January 15, 1991; Washington, DC

Invited Special Presentation "State of Plastics Industry Image and Communications," November 9, 1990; Danbury, Connecticut; CEOs and COOs of Union Carbide Corporation, Union Carbide Chemicals and Plastics, Exxon Chemical, Exxon Polymers, Dow Chemical, Quantum Chemical-USI, and Mobil Chemical.

Greenpeace Press Conference Response; Interviews with national broadcast news organizations to refute errors in Greenpeace report "Breaking Down the Degradable Plastics Scam"; March 14, 1990; Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill; Washington, DC.

Flexographic Technical Association 1990 Annual Forum; Lecture: ‘Government Regulation Too Little or Too Much"; March 5, 1990; New Orleans, Louisiana

University of Lund(Sweden), TEM Organization Flexo-89 Conference; Lecture:  "Water Based Ink Printing News From the U.S.A."; November 10, 1989; Malmo, Sweden.

Netherlands Office for Technology Assessment (NOTA) and Erasmus University Study Center for the Environment PRISMA Project; Lecture to Printing Branch: "Making the Changeover from Organic Solvent Based to Water Based Printing Inks in Flexographic Printing on Polyethylene Films'; November 8, 1989; The Hague, The Netherlands. 

Netherlands Office for Technology Assessment (NOTA) and Erasmus University Study Center for the Environment; PRISMA Project; Lecture to NOTA staff members: "Methods to Increase Governmental/Industrial Effectiveness in Developing and Implementing Environmentally Sound Manufacturing Systems"; November 8, 1989; The Hague, The Netherlands.

Greater Cincinnati Center for Economic Education Educator Education Program; Lecture: "Plastics and the Environment Facts and Fictions"; September 27, 1989; Cincinnati, Ohio.

Governmental Refuse Collection and Disposal Association, Iowa Society of Solid Waste Operations 1989 Annual Conference; Lecture: "Biodegradable Plastics - Good or Bad?; September 21, 1989; Carroll, Iowa.

Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) and the Bioindustry Development Center of Tokyo, Japan; Ten member delegation visit to Amko Plastics; Lecture:  Plastics in Solid Waste Degradable Plastics in the U.S."; April 13, 1989; Cincinnati, Ohio.

University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services; the Tennessee Department of Health and Environment; the Tennessee Valley Authority; and the University of North Carolina Asheville Environmental Quality Institute Waste Reduction Assessment and Technology Transfer Training Program; Two lectures: 1)  "Systems Approach to Air Pollution Reduction in the Printing Industry" and 2)  "Municipal Solid Waste Issues Plastics and the Environment"; February 17, 1989; Nashville, Tennessee (Montgomery Bell State Park).

Missouri Corn Growers Association 1989 Annual Meeting; Lecture: "New Uses for Corn-Degradable Plastics"; February 6, 1989; Columbia, Missouri.

Iowa Corn Promotion Board Symposium on Corn-Based Degradable Plastics; Lecture: "Starch-Based Plastics Pro's and Corns"; January 9, 1989; Des Moines, Iowa.

Flexographic Technical Association (U.S.) International Ink Conference; Lecture:  "Converting From Alcohol to Water Based Inks"; January 12, 1989; Orlando, Florida. 

Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs John Glenn, Chairman Hearing on Degradable Plastics; Invited industry expert witness to testify on S.2298, The Agricultural Commodity-Based Plastics Development Act of 1988; September 20, 1988; Washington, D.C. 

Technical Research Center of Finland VTT Symposium on Non-Waste Technology; Paper and Lecture: "VOC Reduction in Water Based Ink Printing"; Included discussion of plastics, solid waste and degradable plastics; June 21, 1988; Espoo, Finland. 

University of Lund (Sweden), TEM Organization; Conducted day-long seminar for members of industry, government, and special interest groups on 'Reducing Air Pollution Using Water Based Inks in Flexographic Printing"; May 16, 1988; Landskrona, Sweden. 

Air Pollution Control Association, Quebec Section, 16th Annual Congress; Paper and Lecture: 'Waster Based Ink Printing of Polyethylene Films"; May 30, 1988; Quebec City, Canada. 

University of North Carolina, Water Resources Research Institute Waste Reduction/Pollution Prevention Conference; Paper and Lecture: "Water Based Inks in Flexographic Printing"; March 30, 1988; Raleigh, N.C. 

Air Pollution Control Association 1987 Annual Meeting; Paper and Technical Presentation: Reducing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Using Water Based Inks'; June 24, 1987; New York City.

Industrial States Policy Center Seminar on Industrial and Hazardous Waste Reduction and Recycling; Lecture: Using Water Based Inks for Printing"; October 8, 1986; Columbus, Ohio.

Air Pollution Control Association 1986 Annual Meeting; Presentation: lnequities in Stringency of EPA Enforcement of Clean Air Act Standards"; June 24, 1986; Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Flexographic Technical Association of Japan Annual Meeting; Keynote Address:  'U.S. Developments in Flexographic Printing"; November 14, 1985; Tokyo, Japan.

President Ronald Reagan Visit and Business Forum Introductory Co-Speaker; Oct. 3, 1985; Cincinnati, Ohio.

Greater Cincinnati Economic Outlook Conference; '1984 Outlook for Small Business Activity; December 9, 1983; Cincinnati, Ohio.

Joint US Congressional Sub-Committee; Hearing on Foreign Imports; October 1980; Washington, DC

Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI); Synthetics Conference; panelist on "The Real Economics of Linear Low Density Polyethylene Film Extrusion"; September 17, 1980; Cincinnati, Ohio.

Flexographic Technical Association; 'Principles of Quality Flexography' Workshop; Chairman and Moderator; March 31, 1973; Cincinnati, Ohio.

Flexographic Technical Association; Narrow Web Flexography Seminar; Pre-Press Session Moderator; January 23, 1973; New Orleans, Louisiana.


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