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George A. Makrauer
President, ComAd Group

§ Published Articles and Op-Eds About, Against, From and To
§ What Others Say



§ Management Consultant serving clients since 1972 in the U.S., Canada, Sweden, The Netherlands, Japan, Dominican Republic.

§ Invited Speaker on management, communications, environmental affairs, technology change and government relations in manufacturing and service industries.

§ Credited with major active role in founding the American Plastics Council.

§ Patents in package design and trade secrecy agreements on manufacturing processes.

§ Board and leadership positions in industry associations, private companies, elected public office, state government committees, human relations orgs and civic groups.

§ Spokesman before the U.S. Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs Hearing on Degradable Plastics (Washington, DC, September 1988); before a Joint Congressional Subcommittee Hearing on Foreign Imports (Washington, DC, October 1980); and before the Ohio Senate Finance Committee (Columbus, Ohio, May 1995).

§ Invited lecturer, panelist and program moderator for universities and organizations throughout the U.S. and in Canada, Japan, Sweden, Finland and The Netherlands.

§ Consulted for PRISMA Project (NOTA and Erasmus University, The Netherlands) and the TEM Organization (University of Lund, Sweden).

§ Awards/Recognitions:

      • Personal recipient of 1994 Ohio Governor's Award for Outstanding Achievement in Pollution Prevention;
      • U.S. Department of Commerce NOAA Public Service Award;
      • National Corn Growers Association Market Development Award;
      • Recognized by former Ohio Governor Voinovich for "outstanding contributions to the Board of the Ohio Technology Network (OTNET) from 1993 to 1995;" and other commendations.
      • Invited Guest as Delegate of American Jewish Committee by Christian Democratic Union, Konrad Adenauer Foundation Exchange Program, Federal Republic of Germany; 1983.


§ Elected Commissioner of Treasure Island, Florida, District 1, 1997-1999.

§ Member of Environmental Quality Policy Committee (1998-1999)of the Florida League of Cities and the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council. (Authored League of Cities Policy Statement on Urban Litter.)

§ Professional memberships (former) in numerous trade and technical associations.

§ Elected Member (1 of 9), Board of Trustees, ChoiceCare, Independent Physicians Association, Not-for-profit HMO, 1991-1995 (Acquired by Humana in 1995 for $250 Million; as a NFP, acquisition funds used to establish a NFP Medical Research Foundation)

§ Recruited Member, Board, Celebration Health/Florida Hospital Foundation, 2004-2006

§ Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI), , 1994-1995

§ American Plastics Council (APC), Advertising Committee 1995-1997

§ President 1989-1992; Board and Executive Committee 1989-1996, Plastic Bag Association

§ Chairman, Degradable Polymers Council, Special Purpose Group of SPI, 1989-1993

§ Board of Directors, Ohio Technology Network (OTNET) Ohio Department of Development, 1994-1995

§ Board of Directors, Flexographic Technical Association, 1985-1986

§ Institute of Management Consultants (CMC) (FMR)

§ National Bureau of Certified Consultants (Senior Associate for Florida) (FMR)

§ Air and Waste Management Association (FMR)

§ Senior Member, Society of Plastics Engineers, (FMR)

§ Society of the Plastics Industry, Professional Member (FMR)

§ American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), Professional Membership (FMR

§ Flexographic Technical Association, Board of Directors (FMR)

§ The Planning Forum, (FMR)

§ Patents: D307825, D307826, 5620256


"Florida Trend" Magazine phoned one day and said they were researching for an article to publish about independent management consultant practices in Florida.

An associate of mine in California told them I might make an experienced interview. The following article includes elements of that interview with me and two other independent consultants in Florida.

One of my published comments was the consultant should be retained for "independent, objective research, analysis and advice; not to blindly endorse what the client already, subjectively decided."

That approach -- orally and written, for both the consultant and the client -- can run the risk of appearing ill-natured. However, it's one test of the consultant's potential value and an indicator of the client's actual objectivity about it's subjective starting position... which is what prompted the client's call for the consultant, in the first place.

The comments of all three consultants interviewed for the article make a good brief primer on the values and what to seek in an "outsider-perspective" consultant.


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