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Effective, efficient, candid
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As a Board Member, Adviser and Consultant to Chief Officers and Committees,
the most credible descriptions of our
services and value come from past clientele.

"I feel like he's kept everybody on their toes," she said. "I haven't always agreed with him, but I think he got people in this community thinking like they had never thought before and like they may never think again."

- Mayor Mary Maloof; St. Petersburg Times; September 3, 2003 (CLICK TO SEE ARTICLE)

"I am pleased and honored to recognize George A. Makrauer for his outstanding contributions to the Board of the Ohio Technology Network (OTNET) from 1993 to 1995. OTNET was given a challenge to create a statewide format for the interaction and coordination of Ohio's resources in research, development, deployment, business assistance leading to commercialization and training and education to benefit industry...Your guidance and leadership in these endeavors have been invaluable to the advancement of science and technology initiatives essential to Ohio's economic health and growth."

- Governor George V. Voinovich, February 13, 1998; Columbus, Ohio (Later, Ohio's U.S. Senator)

"George Makrauer has brought the gift of wisdom to the Board. In all our deliberations and reviewing the many issues and actions we take, George exhibited a thoroughness and a thoughtfulness that greatly improved the quality of our decisions. Never one to approach an issue passively, George was always willing to dig in, research issues, and bring points of view to the Board that otherwise might not have been heard. George exhibited the virtues of common sense, clear communications, a willingness to participate, and effective leadership."

- Tom Hayes, Chairman, The Seven Hills Schools; Newsletter, Summer 1993

"In interviews with...plastics industry observers familiar with the (American Plastics Council's) formation, a picture of Makrauer emerges as the key, behind-the-scenes player in organizing the industry to bolster its poor public image."

-Plastics News, 1/20/92

"Hardly a week goes by where George and I don't talk about what's happening in his end of the industry that helps guide my actions in (the American Plastics Council)."

-H. William Lichtenberger, former president of Union Carbide Corp.,
Founding Chairman of APC (Plastics News 1/20/92), current chairman and CEO of Praxair, Inc., Danbury, CT

Ohio Governor Voinovich presenting George Makrauer with 1994 Excellence in Pollution Prevention award



"George Makrauer is being honored individually (with an Ohio Governor's Award for Outstanding Achievement in Pollution Prevention), because it is his vision that helped turn these (pollution prevention) ideas into realities."

-James Leach, Ohio EPA spokesperson, 2/17/95

Book cover - In Love and In Business, Sharon Nelton



"The results of his (George Makrauer's) decision (to be interviewed for this book) make special contributions to the chapters on the relationships of entrepreneurial couples with their children and the effects of personal crises on businesses."

-"In Love & In Business," Sharon Nelton (Editor- At-Large, Nations Business Magazine); John Wiley & Sons, Inc.;1986; pgs. 4-5 (ISBN 0-471-83949-3)


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