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CONFIDENTIALITY is a key element of integrity in the consulting profession. Without a client trusting its consultant, essential information for consultation investigation, review and analysis is not shared. Without comfortably sharing that information with its consultant, retaining a consultant is a waste of the client's time and money.

The Internet has changed how one judges "trust." The ages-old hand-shake and "look 'em straight in the eyes" is a relationship bridge no "virtual" relationship can strike, so websites must state specific commitments on which the client can rely. If that reliance later breaks, the consultant's reputation is shattered, and frequently shared on "complaint" websites, if not also in court.

So, here goes.

DATE - This Privacy/Confidentiality Policy was last modified on June 28, 2015.

WEBSITE MANAGEMENT - ComAd Group operates

WE DO NOT COLLECT VISITOR INFORMATION - We -- the company and its principals -- do not collect website visitor information.

WE DO NOT PLACE COOKIES - We do not place cookies on visitor computers, at any time.

GOOGLE ANALYTICS - We use Google Analytics to track personally anonymous web page activity without identifying the user/visitor, but Google's data may disclose certain general geographic, browser, time, date and pages visited.

INFORMATION ACQUIRED ONLY VIA EMAIL TO US OR IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN - The only "personal" information we would have about a potential or active client would be delivered (1) by the website visitor through email to us or a webform submission from this website, or (2) by whatever information is publicly available.

NO SHARING, SELLING, GIVING, BARTERING INFORMATION - We will not share any "client information" (including email address, personal and company name(s), address, phone number(s) or business information delivered by the client) with any third-party, either gratis or for any consideration. If a client instructs us to "tell so-and-so such-and-such," we will follow that instruction, but not take it upon ourselves to do so.

KEEPING INFORMATION CONFIDENTIAL - If you request us to provide a proposal to you or, during an engagement, ask us to perform certain tasks, all information we request about and from you to comply with your instructions will be kept confidential, as noted above.

LINKS TO OTHER WEBSITES - Comad's website contains visible links (no cloaked or hidden links) to other websites we think may be of interest and value to you. Note that if you take any of those links, you leave Comad's site, and we have absolutely no control over that other website, its collection of your information, or its redirection of your browser to another non-Comad website. Accordingly, we cannot be responsible for the protection and privacy of any information you provide any site you get to from Such sites are not governed by this privacy statement. Read the privacy statement applicable to the website in question.

CHANGES TO PRIVACY POLICY - ComAd may update this Privacy Policy from time to time. Notification of changes will depend on visitors returning to this page.

QUESTIONS - If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us:

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