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Effective, efficient, candid
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Advisory Services

OTHERS DESCRIBE IT BETTER: "George Makrauer has brought the gift of wisdom to the Board. In all our deliberations and reviewing the many issues and actions we take, George exhibited a thoroughness and a thoughtfulness that greatly improved the quality of our decisions.

Never one to approach an issue passively, George was always willing to dig in, research issues, and bring points of view to the Board that otherwise might not have been heard. George exhibited the virtues of common sense, clear communications, a willingness to participate, and effective leadership."

- Tom Hayes, Chairman,
The Seven Hills Schools;
Newsletter, Summer 1993

Quality of Strategic and Operational Planning

OTHERS DESCRIBE IT BETTER: "I am pleased and honored to recognize George A. Makrauer for his outstanding contributions to the Board of the Ohio Technology Network (OTNET) from 1993 to 1995.

OTNET was given a challenge to create a statewide format for the interaction and coordination of Ohio's resources in research, development, deployment, business assistance leading to commercialization and training and education to benefit industry... (George's) guidance and leadership in these endeavors have been invaluable to the advancement of science and technology initiatives essential to Ohio's economic health and growth."

- Governor George V. Voinovich,
February 13, 1998; Columbus, Ohio

Services in Strategic and Operational Planning

  • Identify and eliminate root-cause problems to improve quality.

  • Organize management structure for better leadership and results.

  • Improve customer satisfaction and reduce complaints by identifying and implementing better and faster service.

  • Identify and remove roadblocks to efficient order processing, manufacturing, distribution and billing.

  • Communications with internal and external audiences for plan development, implementation, monitoring and feedback.

Gratis Resources

Your organization's creation of high quality products and services -- in the 21st Century -- do not have to rely only on expensive IT hardware and software.

In the hands of well-equipped personnel (trained and competent), legitimately free -- "open source" -- applications can "deliver beyond expectations."

For a periodically updated connection to these resources


Communications Services

  • Strategic and Operational Business Plan Development

  • External marketing and sales promotion

  • Internet Services: Website Consultation and Critique, Website Development and Hosting, Search Engine Optimization (structured data, rich snippets, schema, other always chaning Google rules), SM (Social Media) and Email.

  • Issue Management and Advocacy

  • Internal marketing and quality improvement

  • Advertising

  • Public Relations

  • Speech Writing

  • Industry Association Issue Management

  • Environmental Issue Identification, Control and Direction

  • Government Relations

Background Info

  • Executive and board responsibilities with for-profit and not-for-profit organizations - local, state and national, in manufacturing, packaging, printing, graphics development, distribution, entertainment, healthcare and professional services

  • Advisory services provided to U.S. and international organizations

George A. Makrauer
President, ComAd Group


ComAd was founded in 1972 in Ohio to provide communications and computer advisory services for client business planning and operations. Paper, ink, phone, fax, telex and the US Postal Service were primary tools for delivering client needs.

Radio Shack Model 1 PCBehind the scenes, when first introduced, the RadioShack TRS–80 (endearingly known to its users as the "Trash-80," running the Tandy-DOS Operating System) and the IBM-AT (for "Advanced Technology") personal computers became our tools.

Screen shot VisiCalc spreadsheetThe PC's first usable spreadsheet, VisiCalc's "stable version," was released in 1983. We jumped on it and immediately used it (in glorious black and white "squint" text) for our first project, the preparation and analysis of financial planning of a redevelopment neighborhood's small shopping center in Cincinnati.

300 baud telephone modemWith the "Rat-Shack" telephone modem, we were "online" at 300 baud, not then appreciating what the future held -- today running 66,667 times faster with a 20 MegaBitsPerSecond broadband connection.

Comad Group textIn 1996, after moving ComAd to Florida, in addition to working with clients at their location (in the U.S. and out) and from our office building (Treasure Island)Photo of Comad Building, Treasure Island, the Internet became ComAd's primary creative, communications and delivery medium. Internet email, website and deployment became major service deliverables to clients.




The Plastics Industry's Oblivion




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